HI-TECH Machineries HI-TECH Machineries
Effective Pharma Machines Manufacturer
Tablet Section Machines
* Coating Machine
* Colloid Mill Horizontal Model
* Communitng Mill
* Deburring and
Dedusting Machine
* Double Cone Blender
* Dust Extractor Machine
* Fluid Bed Dryer
* Vibro Sifter
* Mass Mixer
* Octagonal Blender
* Oscillating Granulator Machine
* Rapid Mixer Granulator
* Ribbon Blender
* Starch Paste Kettle
* Tray Dryer
Liquid Section
* Oral Liquid Manufacturing Plant
* Stirrer Homogenizer Emulsifier
Fully Automatic
Liquid Line Machine
* Liquid Filling and Sealing Machine
* Online Visual Bottle Inspection Machine
* Packing Conveyor
* Rotary Bottle Washing Machine
Other Products
* Pharmaceutical Furniture
* Pharmaceutical Plastic Products
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We - HI-TECH MACHINERIES are a prominentcompany engaged in manufacturing and exporting of a wide range of PharmaceuticalMachineries since 1999. We export our various products at global market. We have earned areputation in the industry being a renowned and trustworthy supplier. Weprovide Superior quality but at competitive andeffective price and with prompt delivery & technical enhancement. Ourproduction is manual as well as automatic.

Our Various Products

Tablet Section Machines

  •  Sieving: Vibro Sifter
  •  Wet Mixing and Granulation:
  •  High Speed  Rapid Mixer Granulator
  •  MassMixer
  •  Planetary Mixer
  •  Starch Paste Kettle
  •  Sigma Mixer etc.
  •  Drying: Fluid Bed Dryer
  •  Tray Dryer, etc.
  •  Dry Blending:
  •  Octagon Blender
  •  Double Cone Blender
  •  Ribbon Blender
  •  V Blenderand Y Blender
  •  Tablet Compression Machine:
  •  Rotary Tablet Press
  •  Punch and Die
  •  Tablet
  •  De-Duster and Dust Collector
  •  Milling: Multi Mill
  •  Oscillating Granulator, etc.
  •  Coating: Coating Machine with Hot Air Blower, etc.
  •  Colloid Mill: Auto Coater

Liquid Section

  •  Sugar Sieving
  •  Vibro Sifter
  •  Turbo Sifte, etc.
  •  Oral Liquid Manufacturing Plant
  •  Sugar Syrup Vessel
  •  Pre-filtration Unit
  •  Manufacturing Vessel
  •  Filtration Unit (Filter Press),
  •  Storage Vessel,
  •  Control Panel,
  •  Product Piping
  •  Working Platform
  •  Agitator
  •  Homogenizer,
  •  Stirrer, etc.

Fully Automatic Liquid Line Machine

  •  Bottle Washing Machine
  •  Turn Table
  •  Liquid Filling Machine
  •  Automatic Cap Sealing Machine
  •  Inspection Table
  •  Sticker/Labeling Machine
  •  Packing Conveyors

Pharmaceutical Furniture

  •  Storage and Mixing Tank (5ltrs to 1000 ltrs)
  •  Trolley Cabinet
  •  Die Punch Cabinet Table
  •  Stool Rack
  •  Bin Swing Over Bench/Cross Over Bench
  •  Conveyor Pallet
  •  Spatula Scoop
  •  Measuring Jar

PharmaPlastic Products

  •  Measuring Cup
  •  Spoon Pet Bottle
  •  Dry Syrup Bottle Dropper Bottle
  •  Dropper.
Our Major Products
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Colloid Mill Horizontal Model Fluid Bed Dryer Communitng  Mill Coating Machine Tray Dryer Dust Extractor Machine Vibro Sifter Starch Paste Kettle Oscillating Granulator Machine Mass Mixer Double Cone Blender Ribbon Blender Deburring and Dedusting Machine Octagonal Blender Stirrer Homogenizer Emulsifier Oral Liquid Manufacturing Plant Liquid Filling and Sealing Machine Rotary Bottle Washing Machine Online Visual Bottle Inspection Machine Packing Conveyor Rapid Mixer Granulator Pharmaceutical Furniture Pharmaceutical Plastic Products
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